Photo courtesy of http://www.aptubinisphotography.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.aptubinisphotography.com

Oh geez, you want to know more about me??

Okay, okay - here is the gist of me, my life and why I chose to start this travel service. I'm a mom of all boys and sincerely believe that is exactly how it was meant to be. I love coffee, singing to the radio loudly (badly) in the car, and I love going places I've never been.

My family are my everything.  My husband matches my humor, wit for wit, and challenges me in the best way possible. He is my rock, my confidant and the perfect counter to all my crazy.  My boys bring the perfect mix of silly, serious, inquiry and wonder to my every day. I sincerely cannot remember what life was like before them.

And then there is me ... and my deep seated love of travel.  I have memories of being in grade school and making spreadsheets of how my young friends and I could earn enough money doing odd jobs to cover the airfare, food and accommodations for a week in Disney. My friends thought I was crazy but I just felt with the right planning, anything is possible.

Over the years my life has taken me to so many incredible destinations and they all sparkle in my memory - not just Disney but Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Mexico, the Caribbean.  I have been on cruises, tours, and stayed in all-inclusives, hotels and hostels. I would love to draw upon these experiences to advise you on your trip of a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?  Let me help you be on your way. Drop me a line!

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