But why?

But why?

So why a travel service?  Why now? Can’t I book everything myself online?

These are the questions I get the most and I’m going to answer them right off the bat.

You absolutely can do all the research, pour over reviews to make sure all your priorities are met before you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a trip….but do you enjoy the thought of doing that?  I ask because if done well, it takes time and I ask because unlike most I actually LOVE diving deep into the options to find the best possible destinations and locations.  I’ll never send you anywhere I wouldn’t go myself.

For me, trip planning starts with a purpose. Maybe it is time away from home just with your spouse, or maybe it is that last trip before you son or daughter goes off to college or maybe it is for a special birthday. Whatever the purpose of your vacation is we can find ways to make it super special.  From there, I consider your priorities – a good beach, excellent food or maybe you are an art lover or geology buff.  There is SO MUCH to consider.  Could you do this all yourself – absolutely!  But if you do, know that you are then leaving home without a lifeline. What if something isn’t as you expected? What if your luggage gets lost? What if you forgot something? Do you really want to take time out of your precious vacation to handle such a situation? Instead I can be your support and do everything possible to make it right all while you enjoy every minute of your escape.

For me, planning a trip for you is my joy.  I truly enjoy the logistics and being there for you to help you navigate.  So could you do this all yourself?  Yes, of course you can – but why would you want to?

Email me to start creating your itinerary.  Let’s do this together.

LuLaRoe Lauren Franklin


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